Sunday, 24 February 2013

User Physics and the Quest for Perfect Software

This post was inspired by the words of Bob Schukai (Twitter @iammobilebob) when I attended the AppsWorld event in Earls Court, 2012 and he spoke of measuring your Users actions to determine the hot and cold spots of your software (among other things - I had hoped to share in greater detail my thoughts on his session but alas the audio recordings never seemed to materialise from the event organizers).
It's been a little while since then (though it may be longer still before I publish this.. who knows how long it will take to write) but I still keep finding myself considering what was said both when using and writing software.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Charity, but not before profit.

Adverts are starting to get to me recently.
Some because of their blatant assumption that the viewing public are mostly made up of morons, others because they don't make sence or that they were obviously devised by the same group that did "that other advert".  But this post relates to "charity packs".