Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Security and the Corporate ID card

Feeling wordy this morning, though it probably won't last!  Whether cyber security is starting to burrow into my subconcious or it's just that I watch so much Burn Notice, but it amazes me how many people wander around with thier company ID passes in high visibility places on thier person, for the journey to work. 

You can generally get name, position and company name from a casual glance or two.  If I ran a company that employed ID requirements, or even worked for a company that did such, I would put forword a scheme.

On website or similar branding:
"Average Joe Public is invited to email us if you see our employees out and about.  Tell us their name, and where you saw / met them and we'll give you a £5 <insert current socially favorable voucher vendor here> voucher."

The £5 would of course be subsidised in its entirety from fining the said employee (after validation of course) for being stupid / negligent...
Thier ways would soon change.