Sunday, 27 November 2011

Peanut Envy

So I've been listening to Peanutbuter Lovesicles' "The Raucous Kitty Live EP" pretty much solidly for the last 2 days.  There's only 5 tracks on it....

[on headphones I hasten to add... good for people sitting near me on trains and my neighbours, bad quite possibly for my long-term hearing]

Does this make me obsessive, or is it just that it's possibly the best recording I've heard in a long time?

Personally I'm opting for the latter.  There's far too much over engineering in a lot of music we buy now, everyone looking for perfect pitch and the cleanest sound.  I thought music was about the love for it, in all its guises?

Raucous Kitty has all the audio quality of setting up in a garage and pointing microphones at speakers and hoping the drummer can hit things hard enough to be heard over all the rest.  It has a raw warmth that is sadly widely missing in the music industry, "warts & all" as my Dad would say, with minor banter included - makes you feel like you were there and that there was actually people putting physical effort into what you're hearing (I wish I had been - I'd even have bought beer with me). 

I found PBL a while ago on Bandcamp and this EP was a free download!  It was so good, I still payed for it!

So.. take a moment, visit PBL, listen and enjoy.