Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Christmas Wish

We are fast aproaching that time again.  It's fair to say that if you were forced to tag me as "humbug" or "Ho, ho, ho" most would tag me as "humbug".  This is, mostly, my own doing due to my dislike of turning a time of togetherness into a time of profit.  For me, Christmas boils down to that slightly numb feeling you get in your face when you are comfortably "tipsy" and the normally inaudiable sound of Christmas tree light elements "tinkling" as they switch on and off while I sip a sobering post-pub cup of tea in the comfort of Home (LED lights unfortunatly do not tinkle, which is sad).  Beisdes eating, drinking and sleeping, perhaps you'd care to share your essence of christmas?

This time last year I was in Milton Keynes, making a snowman with Mark and Stuart at MMCC.

While the location has now changed and the weather is positively autumnal by comparisson, it's still fair to say that my hours at work take the lions share of my life.  As citizens of Great Britain, we (according to something I heard the other morning) rack up more work hours than any other country in Europe.
This is not something to be discarded with a hasty explusion of air - look round you.  Those sat at your side, or those across the office from you possibly see you more that your respective "other half".  Take a moment to think what your life would be like without those people.
Through think and thin, those that work around you work with you towards a collective greater good - either towards your companies goals or (hopefully as well as) to enrich your experiences and knowledge.  Take a moment to reflect upon this. 
As you do that, I take this chance to wish all those I have worked with in my past, all those that I currently work with (and thier families) a safe and warm Christmas period and a prosperous New Year... and an even bigger thank you to (my) Debbie for putting up with my hours.