Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Laxxors 1-bowl Kitchen

I do a lot of hotel living as part of my job.

"Ooh" says the populous, "that's fancy, lucky you."

"" says I, "really it's not.".

Alright, so maybe the first month or so was OK.. and occasionally switching hotels if there is no room gives different scenery and a change in menu but past that you quickly tire of the same food, week in week out and you end up leading quite a solitary life-style.  Couple that with the fact that we all know that not all food is cooked equal, sometimes it is an effort just to ensure you eat in a day.

Time to correct this.  Time to shift from the unhealthy pub food I've been eating and make an effort to cook something better.

Introducing, "Laxxors 1-Bowl Kitchen".

Though of course, there are clauses...

If the "Laxxor" moniker has anyone confused (yes, that means you, my one reader that is in fact a bot that just follows links from twitter), I refer you back to my twitter stream.  If you're still unsure it is a long story involving my "militant" side and a comment regarding it from my long-time friend and mentor from my early development days.

So I have some pre-requisites:

  • As the title implies, it needs to be cookable in 1 bowl - I neither have the time nor inclination to be washing up a tonne of dishes.
  • It needs to be cookable in a microwave (1 glass bowl) so no hot pots, stroganovs (sp?) or fancy italian pasta dishes (no, hotels I stay at do not offer a microwave, but it is all that is available!)
  • It needs to be ready to eat in 30 minutes, including prep + minor tidy up.
  • Ready-meals do not count (though at a push I would allow a microwavable side-dish like mash or rice-bag).

From the humble beginnings of this "project", I can foresee me eating a lot of fish.  And rice.  Possibly mash too.