Thursday, 23 June 2016

A rare political view

This will be one of my few politically oriented statements that I ever make.

The EU Referendum vote is bullshit. The Powers in Charge would divide a nation, enforcing a binary answer of an intrinsically analogue question.
“The EU Referendum vote is bullshit.”
Compound that with no matter who you ask of the people that can explain why we should / should not, none of them will give you a full answer (their answer will be wholly truthful, but not necessarily containing all of the truth).
Then you have the people that would attempt to change the truth with selective representation of data (which should be illegal with sentence of jail time for destabilising the country at a time of uncertainty).
"This referendum is a buckshot ballot"
Until every person who can vote has a clear understanding (with requires full disclosure by all of UK government and Euro parliament), this referendum is a "buckshot ballot" and the biggest grouping will win irrespective of validity.

My feeble mind struggles with why people don't seem to be worried about this.